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BIM Wash

BIM Wash is a terminology providing the false claim for applying or delivering Building Information Modelling products or services.

Some BIM service providers or companies often use this term to exaggerate their BIM competence for getting projects. These types of companies can support their unjustifiable claims of BIM competence with the help of its staff, website, project submissions and/or marketing material.

A haphazard understanding of BIM results in losing both in terms of efficiency and cost.

BIMwash usually prevails when an individual, organization or project team’s BIM Claim is considerably superior than its actual BIM capability to carry on these claims.

Besides, service providers, BIMwash can also be performed by the following:-

Software developers and their resellers engaging to blow up the benefits of particular tools/software asserting that their product is ‘a comprehensive BIM solution’.

Clients/owners acclaiming the BIM product/service which is not understandable by them and if the service submitted to them, they have lack of internal capacity to appropriately use and sustain. 

Consultants and advisors who augment the outcomes of their services on the BIM implementation procedure.

So observation of the level of BIM-wash currently going on in your marketplace is primary significant step towards identifying it.

The various levels of BIMwash

Once BIM processes and protocols are not accepted or are recognized as same as CAD. It happens at the time of basic model exchanges are mystified with model-based collaboration. In case of a Model Server is perplexed with a File Server or a Document Management System.

The persons not understanding the multifaceted implications of BIM concepts are trying to unintentionally puzzle themselves, their clients and/or project partners.

BIMwash may arise when ingenuousness manifests itself once the link involving a BIM deliverable and its requisites are not accepted or when a few BIM deliverables and their requisites are recognized. It occurs at the time of basic BIM deliverables (as for example coordinated drawings or model-based clash detection) are supported as progressive innovations.

BIMwash may result when a practitioner declares its BIM competencies with the help of its BIM capacity statement, website or blog but only been able to moderately accomplish by a local team on a few projects.

BIMwash may happen when a pre-BIM service provider pretenses as extremely BIM-competent, effectively bids-for and achieves a huge BIM-mandated project.

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