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List of BIM softwares:

The features of the new version of ArchiCAD 14 listed below:

  • Shadows in Open GL 3D View
  • Extended Options for Doors & Windows
  • Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix
  • Improved Handling of Schedules
  • Direct Import of Site-Survey Data
  • Performance Optimizations

Besides ArchiCAD, Graphisoft offers ArchiFM for facilities management and recently introduced a complete new product line for design/build firms, construction firms, engineering firms and consultants. This product set, which includes GS Constructor and GS Estimator, allows companies to perform model-based calculations for scheduling, estimating and purchasing and provides a comprehensive platform with which they can manage an entire construction project. Constructor also includes a next-generation MEP modeling environment as well as a structural modeling library.

BSD LinkMan-E : Cloud Version of BIM Linking Product - Introduced by Building Systems Design, Inc.

BSD (Building System Design, Inc.) declared the release of the most recent version of BSD LinkMan-E, a BIM linking product that has currently been configured to allow cloud access. BSD LinkMan-E or LME could be a software tool that connects any architectural layout developed in Autodesk's Revit to specifications for an equivalent project in BSD SpecLink-E. LME could be a coordination tool with dashboards that allows a project manager to check and compare the design information in Revit to the specifications data in SpecLink. Conflicting data is highlighted, permitting the manager to form necessary corrections within the model or the specifications. It’s also possible to take the Revit information and automatically generate matching specifications in SpecLink by applying a synchronizing function in BSD LinkMan-E.

This new release of the LME software performs much quicker than previous versions, greatly developing the speed of information transfer between applications. The cloud version of the software needs a subscription to the cloud version of BSD SpecLink-E that was released beginning of this year. Within the cloud configuration, the Revit software is installed on the user’s server and a tiny software client and Revit plug-in are installed on the user’s local machine. All alternative software is installed remotely, on servers maintained by BSD. Cloud users will access their project data from any location by utilising any device with net access, together with iPads and iPhones.

There is not any known firewall problem with the new LME Cloud release. An annual subscription to LME Cloud includes the amount of all server and software support and updating, unlimited telephone support and unlimited information storage. Additionally to the LME software package, BSD provides a library of over 1700 building materials that permit Revit users to quickly link to SpecLink any objects they need already created. There’s additionally a catalogue of over 600 BSD “intelligent” objects, like walls, windows, doors and plumbing fixtures that have already been connected to SpecLink and need no any operations to achieve interoperability. Any of those objects utilized in a Revit project are mechanically connected to the suitable specifications in SpecLink through the BSD LinkMan-E connection.

BSD’s products are configured to benefit design professionals who have accepted the BIM technology and BSD’s future product development can move ever more firmly into that brave new world.

Click here to download a brochure about SpecLink-E - Cloud

BSD (Building System Design, Inc.) declared the release of the most recent version of BSD LinkMan-E, a BIM linking product that has currently been configured to allow cloud access.

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