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buildingSMART International provides certification for IFC 2.0

buildingSMART International has certified RIB iTWO 5D, an uninterrupted project management system for model oriented cost planning and scheduling, for importing IFC data corresponding to the certification program 2.0. This is for the first time that a software solution get the recognition to import the BIM models data following the up-to-date inspection standards.

buildingSMART International provides certification for IFC 2.0

IFC 2.0 guarantees excellence import and export of cost data in a model as well as augment the value of BIM in support of both constructors and owners associated with government and industry to handle costs in a superior wasy. The inclusion of a most important 5D tool also spread outs the assessment of IFC model collaboration and will provide a great a motivation for implementing open BIM in building and infrastructure extensively.

buildingSMART's IFC 2.0 Certification is another significant movement in supporting the industry addressing the same language concerning BIM interoperability.

buildingSMART International provides certification for IFC 2.0

Eight CAD systems have already availed the opportunity for being certified for the data export of selected building elements compliant with the buildingSMART certification program 2.0. At present, the certification of iTWO 5D ensures safekeeping for BIM model data imports with all of these CAD systems.

For over 10 years, RIB Software AG has been a buildingSMART member and supporting trouble-free, protected data exchange for building projects.

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