Some useful AutoCAD commands to improve your CAD modeling skills

  • CHAMFER:- It is used to produce bevel about a corner.
  • Activation:-

    Alter Toolbar => Chamfer icon.

    Alter menu => Chamfer option.

    Type CHAMFER or CHA at “COMMAND:” prompt and press enter

  • PLOT:- It is applied to print the drawing on paper.
  • Activation:-

    Ctrl+P is the shortcut key

    File menu => Plot option.

    At “COMMAND:” prompt, type PLOT and press enter

  • LENGTHEN:- It is helpful for modifying the length of an accessible line.
  • It is also possible to view the length of a selected line at command prompt.


    Alter toolbar => Lengthen option.

    At “COMMAND:” prompt, type LENGTHEN or LEN and press enter

  • XLINE (Construction Line) :-
  • It is a useful command to generate a endless line.


    Draw toolbar => Construction Line icon.

    Draw menu => Construction Line option.

    Type XLINE or XL and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.

  • ATTDEF (Attribute Definition) :- It is applied to include block attribute to a block. An attribute stands for a label or tag that connects data to a block.
  • Activation:-

    Draw menu => Block option => Describe Attribute option.

    Type ATTDEF or ATT and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.

  • INSERT :- It is suitable for inserting an accessible Block in the active file.
  • Activation:-

    Draw toolbar => Insert Block icon.

    Insert menu => Block option.

    Type INSERT or I and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.

  • It is utilized to generate a New Block. When Write Block command is applied to produce Block, the resultant block is applicable in any AutoCAD File.


    Type WBLOCK and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.


    Type WBLOCK and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.

  • BLOCK :-
  • It is applied to make a New Block. When Block command is used to produce the block, the resultant block is employed in the source file only.


    Type BLOCK and press enter at “COMMAND:” prompt.

  • DIVIDE :-
  • This command is applied to Divide an object into several identical divisions.