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How to integrate Revit 2016 & Advance Steel 2016 (metric unit) to develop a revit model to advance steel

With Bidirectional links to Revit, the users will be able to easily reprocess the design model and deliver on BIM requisites. This BIM video will show how to easily develop a Revit model to Advance Steel as well as coordinate modifications occured in Advance Steel back into Revit with Revit interoperability in advance steel.


Advance steel is a unique 3d modeling software for superior steel detailing, steel fabrication, steel construction which are based on the popular CAD software. Advance steel facilitates improving perfectness, minimizing fabrication time as well as integrated BIM workflow.


Revit 2016 supports Windows 64-bit and it is useful for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering.

Download Advance Steel 2016 Extension


Connecting Revit 2016 and Advance Steel 2016