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Model-based scheduling involves the optimal sequencing of tasks and trades, procurement and lead times by using productivity rates and crew sizes. The theory of flowline scheduling describes the optimization process with a location - based schedule. It calculates the optimal sequence and flow of trades through the various locations of the building project.

Virtual 3D BIM modeling process during construction leads to a more productive and better planned construction process and simulate the construction schedule of a project. When modeled in BIM Model the graphics can be embedded with information, including cost, schedule and assembly characteristics such as fire rating.

BIM works on the basis of collaboration in construction. In this environment, all stakeholders in the construction process including Owner/Developer, Project Managers, Consultants, Contractors, Sub-contractors and Facilities Management, have access to the same design, cost and scheduling information at the same time.

The Building Information Model can produce meaningful and accurate Bills of Quantity that can in turn be used to inform cost and schedule, thereby integrating estimators, cost managers and planners into the process.

Improved monitoring of site logistics and project progress - more accurate site/project management to reduce time and material waste.

Optimised quantity driven schedules more accurate construction scheduling - reducing standing time and enabling on time/early completion of projects.

Synchronizing design, scheduling and cost

Coordinating scheduling iterations

Supporting full team participation in the scheduling and monitoring of the delivery approach and schedule.

Better understand the constructability of building systems at both a macro and micro level.

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