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BIM Benefit to Contractors ...

  • Contractors can create accurate construction schedules and arrange necessary materials.
  • Review construction plans and sequences
  • Study yard operation and site logistics
  • Prefabrication & assembly of materials in a controlled, factory environment which results higher quality at a lower cost.
  • BIM offers a good cost estimation(quantity takeoff) throughout bidding and procurement
  • Plan errors are set up once building the models which leads to smaller number of errors and omissions necessitating rectifications by the contractor - saving costs and resources
  • BIM improves coordination in construction sequencing
  • Effective marketing presentation of construction approaches
  • BIM can check possible conflicts that may arise during building construction
  • Enable GPS driven machine control equipment
  • BIM allows for more "what if" scenarios, such as construction sequencing options, shuffling of human resources, fine-tuning cost factors, etc.
  • BIM assists clients and end-users in realizing and visualizing the end product
  • Shop drawing reduction (model to fabrication)
  • Digital fabrication (steel, HVAC ducts, piping)
  • Fewer callbacks and lower warranty costs
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