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A cost engineer/estimator applies BIM technology in his project to make approximate calculation of facility lifecycle costs more competently.

With it’s integrated project delivery methods, BIM produces advance cost estimating which can lead to higher productivity.

BIM contains a huge database in which all the information on costs and conditions of many other related projects and geographic locations can be stored. Cost engineer/estimator can utilize these information for parametric analysis. (a procedure applied to compute project costs on a per unit basis, depending on the specific requirements of a project.

BIM can offer transparent and collaborative cost estimation to minify the time consuming, infertile characteristics of generating estimates one at a time from scratch. Collaborative cost estimation also lead to the lessening of data input errors and expensive errors of omission.

A BIM model facilitates superior & high quality cost estimation by recognizing construction assemblies and producing pricing & factoring risks.

Cost engineer can perform a thorough examination by analyzing drawing and costs, inspect for genuineness of data-cost links and filling in gap. Thus a cost engineer can effectively control the project cost all over a building life cycle.

BIM empower the cost engineer/cost estimator to accustom with various projects and several estimates concurrently, securely communicate information on active projects, localized cost information, along with effortlessly establish and reprocess historical data.

Cost Engineer with BIM

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