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Debut of i-model plug-in for Revit

The i-model plug-in for Revit lets users save their Revit models to an i-model file from within the Revit application.

Download i-model plug-in for Revit

Debut of i-model plug-in for Revit

With the i-model plug-in for Revit the users will be able to save their Revit models in such a manner so that they can open the models in Bentley MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, and several other Bentley building products, keeping the Revit properties information intact within the Revit model.

The plug-in mostly useful for the project teams who are accustomed to work with a diverse Bentley/Revit surroundings and reference Revit models inside a MicroStation-supported design system used for coordination purposes, conflict recognition as well as same types of activities.

How it performs:

By applying this plugin the project team members can save their Revit models to an i-model file inside the Revit application. The users have to perform this for one time and they don’t need MicroStation or any other Bentley application except the i-model plug-in for Revit.

The i-model is compatible with Bentley Navigator and can be applied for redlining, conflict detection, and further federated information workflows. The plug-in is well matched with the 2008-2012 versions of the Revit products along with Architecture, MEP, and Structure, and provides support for the 64-bit versions.

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