We provide support to design firms to leverage the advantages of BIM for their projects by converting a project design from 2D drawing to BIM. BIM can be utilized to conceptualize, build up, document and accomplish complete project.

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BIM services ...

2D drawings are extracted from the building model created in BIM and depict various errors. These drawing are created on the fly. Any design alteration made in one view will be fully circulated during all views.

BIM facilitates 3D representations to be produced from the building model at any phase in the design. These can vary from simple wireframe models or multifaceted photorealistic renders. These 3D representations are dependable with each other and with other 2D drawings.

Design Analyzing with BIM

BIM creates virtual environments for designing building forms. This will help to build and test the designs well before the building gets constructed physically.

BIM can also be utilized for sustainability requirements and valuable data can be extracted from BIM model for downstream uses.

BIM can be applied to prototype a building virtually involving the most up-to-date technology to allow the reprocess and flow of information and data for the design, construction, management and operation of the facility. It is a series of systems, which through inter-operability keep data to be replaced in a collaborative manner.

BIM contains parametric scripts which can be utilized to generate complex forms to rationalize designs

By using BIM, design professionals can:
# Design – innovative, intelligent projects from the earliest stages.
# Visualize, Simulate, and Analyze – real-world appearance, performance and cost.
# Document – projects more accurately and efficiently.
# Deliver – projects faster, more economically and with reduced environmental impact.

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