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e-SPECS for ArchiCAD

GRAPHISOFT® just declares the incorporation among e-SPECS and ArchiCAD to augment the work of architects and makes the construction management process easy.

The e-SPECS Specification Management product suite will be useful for automating the preparation of construction specifications and selection of products & materials which are integrated into construction projects. By utilizing e-SPECS for ArchiCAD, the customers will get the ability to incorporate and organize construction documents.

ArchiCAD customers can make their designs effectively to maintain their flow of work in a  optimized way and increase their productivity.

InterSpec's e-SPECS products will facilitate Architects, engineers and construction professionals to utilize these  on numerous projects yearly to keep synchronization connecting construction models, drawings, and project specifications. ArchiCAD integration with e-SPECS allows cost management in general at some stage in the course of generating project construction documents.

ArchiCAD users will be greatly benefitted as e-SPECS Application Program Interface (API) offers automation, coordination, and access to the specifications and other project data.

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