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Experts urge increased use of BIM in construction

BIM is already being used in construction for while. But according to a recent market research report, the intensity is not substantial at all and hence it is imperative to use it more and more for improved construction.

The recent report says that at present BIM is used for 3.9% of all construction projects representing £3.8 billion but by 2016 the proportion is likely to be 50.8% of projects worth £55.1 billion. So the manufacturers of building products must do something to cash in on this opportunity to utilize BIM.

The report also says that the Government requires the use of fully collaborative, three-dimensional BIM by 2016, on all projects greater than £5 million in value. As per the Construction 2025 strategy report published by the Government, the Ministry of Justice requires the use of BIM by 2013.

It is already proved that BIM technology can do amazing both for the manufacturers of building components and the end-uses i.e. the occupants. Use of BIM technology can do wonder in case of the pace of construction as the architects and the workers have already visualized the actual building by excellent 3D modeling by this technology.

 Experts urge increased use of BIM in construction

Another important benefit of BIM technology is its health and safety and environmental benefits. Use of BIM technology can substantially cut down the energy consumption and hence the carbon footprint of the building.


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