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Get fully incorporated BIM projects to iPhone/iPad with BIMx Docs from GRAPHISOFT

GRAPHISOFT® just introduced BIMx® app in the Apple App Store useful for next generation BIM users. The most updated "BIMx Docs" function pack with superior version consists of complete BIM projects involving 2D documentation and 3D model. Highly developed "Hyper-model" technology offers combination of 2D & 3D for getting more insightful, uncomplicated and quicker navigation in comparison with other model associated with construction or documentation viewer mobile apps.

BIMx Docs can make a sea change in the process people walk around BIM projects on their touch screen gadgets. With the help of BIMx on iPhone/iPad any large BIM projects having numerous layout can be viewed easily.

BIMx Docs Features and Capabilities

Get fully incorporated BIM projects to iPhone/iPad with BIMx Docs from GRAPHISOFT

BIMx Hyper-models: Hyper-model denotes an intuitive technology that transforms the full fledge Building Information Models into the active touch screen arena of mobile devices. Incorporated context-sensitive 2D and 3D building project navigation containing trouble free alterations facilitates even inexperienced persons to explore a complete BIM project.

Navigation Markers: BIMx Hyper-models come up with model-based, context-sensitive hyperlinks same as any hyperlink on the internet. Simultaneously, because of their orientation in the 3D space and on 2D drawings, they provide an very useful additional dimension for recognizing the model even as just navigating in it.

2D and 3D Transitions: The BIM professionals can easily understand 2D plans and static 3D views with BIMx Docs' uncomplicated and context-sensitive transitions. The BIM users can find a complete new method of understanding and coordinating building information models by trimming building models with the interactive slider.

Navigation Speed: The BIM users can get a higher level of access to an incorporated BIM environment. In a project construction documentation may include numerous sheets but with its high speed capability, BIMx Docs can easily navigation through outsized layout even for 2D drawings.

Cloud Connection: By providing a direct link to the BIM project in the BIM authoring tool, BIMx Docs facilitates a smooth and simple communication workflow with project stakeholders from any remote location. BIMx Docs empower contractors to avail their own digital copy of the project that can be reorganized as per their requirements facilitating site supervision and visualization of the details to on-site workers.

Get fully incorporated BIM projects to iPhone/iPad with BIMx Docs from GRAPHISOFT

The users can access The "BIMx Docs" function pack from the App Store. The basic BIMx app can be obtained at free of charge. The BIMx Docs function pack is obtainable within the free BIMx app with new, in-app purchase options: $4.99 for one project; $49.99for an unlimited number of projects. For getting more updates about GRAPHISOFT BIMx & BIMx Docs, please visit:

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