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GRAITEC Advance 2014 suite - An improved BIM structural version.

GRAITEC, the leading provider of drawing & modeling software for the construction industry, just introduced GRAITEC Advance 2014 suite which contains advance steel 2014 (tapered beams & superior ergonomics), advance concrete 2014 (performance & improved professional expertise) and Advance Design 2014 (BIM and extended design).

GRAITEC Advance Structural BIM solution provides great advantages to structural engineers as well as various types of construction professionals by offering a complete atmosphere involving steel, concrete and wood structures to build up, design and generate all drawing & materials.

GRAITEC Advance will be very useful in the BIM arena as it facilitates users is a unique solution provider in the BIM field since it allows users to finish the complete structural development within a steady environment ranging from predetermined elements study, design following the most updated standards (Eurocodes, ACI, AISC...). Besides, GRAITEC Advance also produces automated documentation essential required for the fabrication: drawings, bills of materials and NC files.

GRAITEC Advance 2014 suite is a groundbreaking technology aiding engineers and construction professionals, to design and construct their projects within stipulated time and enhance rigorous quality. For getting more updates, please visit www.graitec.com

GRAITEC Advance 2014 suite







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