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How BIM brings benefits to the surveyors

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides huge advantages to the project stakeholders associated with a project by advancing a co-operative platform. Not only architects, engineers, property owners and contractors gain benefits from BIM, but surveyors can also reap considerable benefits from it.


A surveyor’s job is associated with the life span of a construction project and so he/she can get a wide array of crucial benefits out of it. The VDC (virtual design and construction) features inside BIM facilitate the surveying to obtain superior control across the construction progression as well as optimize their work profile to a great extent.


Duties & responsibilities of a surveyor :-


  • Make sure that the construction projects are completed in stipulated schedule and responsible budget
  • Develops scheme designs involving comprehensive specifications and costing
  • Arranges documents for tenders
  • Surveys and verifies the status of subsisting buildings
  • Ingresses building designs to find out the applicability for people having disabilities
  • Provides suggestions for energy efficiency and sustainability concerning a building
  • Furthermore, creates survey for health and safety in an incumbent structures
  • Conducts feasibility studies


Primarily, a surveyor has to deal with different measurements, values, costs, schedules dimensions and demarcations which can be obtained from authentic and correct data sources. With BIM, the surveyors can acquire as well as evaluate all this data in the geometric forms. With the 3D visualization capability of BIM, the surveyor can gather crucial information from their survey data with brief perception to make the proper examination and provide recommendations to architects and contractors consequently, for the sake of occupants and all the project stakeholders associated with the building design and project development wroks.

How surveyors are benefitted:-


  • Superior co-operation and communication amidst multi-disciplinary teams
  • Sustainability and embodied carbon measurement are consolidated components
  • Quicker, superior, lesser cost
  • Produces accessible synchronous information concerning project performance & persistent preservation of the facility


So, we can come to the conclusion that BIM will definitely assist surveyors to execute their jobs in a superior manner & through better collaborative effort.


How BIM brings benefits to the surveyors
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