BIM for HVAC System

With it’s 3D modeling capabilities, BIM streamlines the HVAC building design and delivery process for HVAC / Mechanical Contractor. BIM generates a complete set of high quality detail, shop, coordination or as-built drawings of a complete HVAC model.

The shop drawing is utilized for heating system design, cooling system design and ventilation system design.

The shop drawings are very useful for operating a well-organized project from starting with the submittal drawings to the project closeout documents.

As BIM generates of parametric, or intelligent, 3D models and any change made to the model is reflected all through the entire drawing. BIM shop drawing can be imported into Navisworks for collision detection with HVAC trade.

There are various types of BIM software like AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Revit MEP, PractiCAD, CADPipe HVAC and AutoCAD, CAD Duct etc. useful for generating shop drawings for HVAC and MEP trade.

BIM services ...
structural concrete

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HVAC Shop Drawings include the following:

  • HVAC duct layouts
  • Plumbing layouts
  • Plumbing data and layout
  • Planning (pipe layout)
  • HVAC piping
  • Construction Shop Drawings
  • Pipe sizing,
  • HVAC Detailing

We offer the following services for HVAC trade:

  • Coordinated drawings from structural architectural to MEP.
  • Load Calculation
  • Commercial HVAC shop drawings
  • Duct Design & Layout
  • Professional drawings along with an itemized title block.
  • Pipe sizing & Layout
  • 1/8” roof plan scale and 1/4” enlarged HVAC plans for shop drawing
  • Equipment Selection & Layout
  • Schedule for Equipments
  • General and specified notes.
  • Duct heights and Unit heights supplied from Structural foundation and roof framing plans
  • Roof curb locations and dimensions supplied from submittals.
  • Duct sections (generally provided at 59” if not otherwise noted in submittals).
  • RCP background overlay (if RCP is provided in dwg form)
  • Details are submitted with plans
  • Fabrication sizes and lengths
  • Diffuser & register sizes, types, and CFM ratings
  • TOD and BOD elevations and bottom of VAV's
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