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Many large architectural firms are doing pilot projects with this software and SOM is using it for its 1,776-foot-high Freedom Tower project at the 9/11 site. Autodesk is expending lots of resources developing and promoting this software to the AEC community. For architects new to BIM, this software may be an excellent choice. Revit has the smallest user base because it's the newest solution. It is, however, an excellent solution and, with the backing of Autodesk, could become an industry leader.

IdsDesignTOUCH™ Navisworks® Manage plug-in

DS Engineering and SMART Technologies Inc. mutually launched idsDesignTOUCH™ Autodesk®Navisworks® Manage plug-in for SMART Board®. By utilizing this plug-in, Navisworks Manage users will be able to manage and edit Navisworks files straightforwardly on SMART's interactive displays. Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms will be benefitted to make effective communication and solve issues throughout coordination reviews.

Navisworks Manage is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) review tool that can be applied together with SMART's interactive displays to detect design conflicts and recognize the chosen remedial action.

The idsDesignTOUCH Navisworks Manage plug-in make superior incorporation involving Navisworks Manage and SMART's interactive displays. This results in better coordination among AEC project teams to find out design deficiency and resolve later in the construction schedule.

By utilizing Navisworks with SMART's interactive displays building professionals now get the ability to shift BIM to on-site facilities for project updates, materials delivery, complex assembly and construction sequences, and other project data efficiently.

SMART's interactive displays facilitate to immediately highlight conflicts on technical drawings and create changes directly on the working document for quick solutions. These tools are useful for mutual team sessions, augment production and competence and considerably saving costs on the projects

Some exclusive Features:-

3D images are easily marked up and maneuvered directly on SMART's interactive displays

SMART's interactive display pen and eraser tools are incorporated with the Navisworks Manage redline markup tools intended for both local and remote users

Multi touch gestures on the interactive display facilitates users to perform with Navisworks 3D navigation tools as well as pan, zoom and orbit

Pricing and accessibility

The idsDesignTOUCH Navisworks Manage plug-in for SMART Board is priced at US$695 per license and can be accessed online from May 16, 2012.

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