Open and visualize AR-ready 3D CAD models

    Meta Company, a leading solution provider in the augmented reality (AR) field, just released the Meta Viewer Beta. It is specifically created to run on the Meta 2 headset and facilitates the users to easily open and visualize AR-ready 3D CAD models retaining the integrity of the model and design information unchanged.

    Meta Viewer Beta allows everyone in the product development chain ranging from designers to salespeople to utilize the tool devoid of any technical expertise. The software can significantly reduce design and production timeline as well as product development cost, and make sales conversion better.

    With the software, the users will be able to make a tie up among CAD models and physical counterparts as well as instantly and easily distribute their design vision digitally prior to start of the physical design phase. It creates insights that can only happen in 3D. It also makes sure early design validation and approvals that ultimately curtail the product life cycle. Besides, Meta Viewer Beta retain the integrity of supported model formats whereas minimizing the loss of prime design information that can usually happen at the time of transforming 3D CAD models into AR-ready files.

    Given below, some key advantages of Meta Viewer Beta:

    • Supports 3D model viewing in several file formats – Khronos gITF 2.0, SOLIDWORKS gITF, SLDASM, SLDPRT, STEP and STP.
    • Apply hands to execute basic model interactions along with moving, rotating or scaling an image
    • View and directly employ display states and animation to supported model formats (currently SOLIDWORKS gITF). It comprises of the following:
    • Animations like exploded view animations and motion study
    • Materials and colors
    • Display states that takes into account various material and part configurations
    • View supported model formats in real-world 1:1 scale (presently SOLIDWORKS gITF).
    • To get more information, go through the following link

    open  and visualize AR-ready 3D CAD models