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Sayfa Katt Ladders is now included with Revit

The Katt Ladder’s unique precision and profiled layout ensures a high level of safety and confidence for professional accessing roof tops, ceiling spaces and maintenance platforms. A proprietary fall protection system is recommended for safety of the user by incorporating an enclosed cage or a ladder fall arrest system depending on ladder height and application.


Now the designer, using Autodesk Revit software is happy that they can insert Sayfa’s huge range of Katt Ladders into their designs with ease, felling confident that the entire product attributes and characteristics are accurate and correct.



Advantages of using Katt Ladders on Revit

  • Adapts to both angled and vertical orientations
  • Includes landing platforms and barriers
  • Includes minimum and maximum available heights


This Katt Ladders features are available in 2014 and updated version of Revit.



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