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Some leading BIM authoring Tools to streamline your building design

BIM (Building Information Modeling) covers the creation, gathering and exchange of 3D computer models and linked data BIM encompasses a gamut of geometry, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components, project management and post-construction facilities management as well as formation, assembling and exchange of incorporated web-based databases.


There are various types of BIM software and tools in the market but some of them are considered as most useful for the industry.


Autodesk Revit: Autodesk acquired the Massachusetts-based Revit Technology Corporation for US$133 million in 2002. Revit facilitates the architects and other construction professionals to design & represent a building with the formation of a parametric three-dimensional model that involves both the geometry and non-geometric design and construction information. Revit supports all segments of building lifecycle ranging from conceptual design analysis through the most detailed construction drawings, documentation and schedules. Revit provides great benefits to architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors.



Bentley BIM Suite: Bently BIM Suite comprises of Bentley Architecture, Bentley Building Mechanical Systems and Bentley Structural. It can be applied to produce multi-disciplinary design surroundings. Bentley BIM suite offers complete BIM solution toward the architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, energy assesors, site designers, and other professionals. It facilitates the design, analysis, construction, and operation of all sorts of buildings and facilities. Bentley also presents GenerativeComponents, a parametric modeling solution catering to architects and engineers in building design.


The users can export an IFC data and transfer to the COBIE excel workbook through a 3rd party software like ifcCOBIE from AEC3.


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Digital Project & MEP Systems Routing Gehry Technologies: Gehry Technologies integrates PLM's 3D design and management competences with project experience achieved through D assault Systemes' 3D solutions for creating Digital Project, a CATIA-supported building information modeling (BIM) system. A platform that incorporates Dassault Systemes' solutions and consecrated software from Gehry Technologies specially designed for building industry systems, Digital Project produces a single digital model and all the project stakeholders within the same building projects can access and alter the model.


Digital Product Systems Routing is a conceptual design program useful for system planners to preserve the space required for functional and detail layouts of HVAC, raceways, and plumbing. MEP planners will be able to make the best use of their designs by evaluating spatial requirements and installation sequences.


With MEP Systems Routing, the system planners get the ability to make mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems designs better in environmental, 3D context to get rid of the design conflicts.


Sketchup Pro: SketchUp Pro empowers the users to design, represent and transmit their ideas in 3D efficiently. It can be applied to accomplish a wide array of activities like sketching lines and shapes, push and pull surfaces to convert them into 3D forms. One can stretch, copy, rotate and paint to create anything as per your choice.


With SketchUp Pro, one can generate perfect 3d models instantly for is used to quickly create accurate 3D models for pursuance and marketing, prelude estimation, detailing, site logistics and staging, design and construction validation, sequencing and line-of-sight analysis. It allows collaboration and communication amid the different project team members within a project.


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ArchiCAD Graphisoft (Architecture, MEP and site design): Graphisoft is the developer of ArchiCAD. It is first ever object oriented 3D architectural design software as well as BIM Architectural application having sophisticated 2D drawing and layout functions useful for architects, interior designers, planners etc. It is compatible both the Mac and Windows platforms. ArchiCAD can be applied for 2D and 3D drafting, visualization and documentation. The architects can apply it in initial design phases to the technical detail drawings for generating 3D designs and detailed technical documentation.


The most updated version is ArchiCAD 18. It offers open BIM workflows and BIM Collaboration Format support. ArchiCAD supports highly iterative coordination with engineers and consultants with full BCF support.


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Some leading BIM authoring Tools to streamline your building design