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Internet of things – The newest construction technology that impacts construction industry greatly

Go through this construction video where Tom Payne (Co-Founder, The B1M), Alex Siljanovski (CEO of Basestone) and Simon McCabe (CTO at Basestone) will discuss on various upcoming technologies in construction industry and how these affect the industry.


This video specifically focuses on the Internet of Things and how it brings huge benefits to the construction industry.


In construction industry, the term Internet of Things provide complete information on asset's lifecycle. The end-users and operators can get clear ideas on their assets in a superior way as well as make their performance better by arranging various components (which are evolved throughout their lifecycle) concerning a building. The data also offers huge advantages for designers and project teams while substituting that building in future course of time or building up another asset in that operator’s portfolio.


On a broader scale, accumulating real-time and historic performance data out of various buildings covering a regional, national or even international level, the industry professionals will be able to present superior quality assets that provide strong support toward the business outcomes of the people utilizing them.



Internet of things – The newest construction technology