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Types of Revit Families and their importance


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BIM is very useful for coordination, collaboration as well as controlling stages over the lifecycle of a building. In order to use BIM successfully, you have to deal with BIM components efficiently. Revit families play a crucial role to model and handle BIM components precisely.


Revit families are created on the basis of standards. There are three types of families – system families, loadable families, and in-place families which are ideal for architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. System and loadable families are widely used in projects.


3 Types of families in Revit:


• System Families: System families contain basic components ranging from ceiling, wall, floor, ramp, railing, stairs, etc which can develop a building project. Components like levels, tags, grids, callouts, and detail components are developed with Revit and utilized in documentation. These families can be replicated and edited following the need of the project. These families are used to assemblage component families like doors and windows.

• Loadable Families: Loadable families are formed independently and easily positioned in a project environment as well as replicated, modified and eliminated. These components can be added to group families like walls, ceiling, floor etc.


• In-Place Families: The components of in place families are generated in the project environment. These consist of distinctive components like custom parapets, roof elements, casework etc necessary for a project. These families can be easily edited and revised if necessary as well as replicated and saved to a seperate environment. Later on these are utilized as loadable family for several projects.

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By developing families, it becomes possible to minimize the time consumed on a project, enhance the profitability and make the project successful. Revit can be used to generate various types of parametric family toward simple to complicated construction projects all through the world. Revit is compatible with AutoCAD and offers perfect coordination with several areas of project administration.


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