ASCON is organizing XIVth Annual 3D Modeling Contest for KOMPAS 3D users

ASCON Group, the leading software developer of CAD/AEC/PLM, is going to organize the XIVth Annual 3D Modeling Contest for all KOMPAS-3D users. This 3d modeling contest will provide a great platform for the engineers and designers to showcase their competence to design digitally as well as establish their smart technical solutions and their modeling skills with CAD.

In this contest, ASCON Group is inviting projects in following categories:

 Mechanical Category — 3D assembly models of products designed with KOMPAS-3D
 Architectural Category — 3D models of construction projects developed in KOMPAS-3D
 Programming Category — Original libraries and add-ons for KOMPAS-3D

One can participate in the following participant categories:

 Mechanical Engineers — three winners, one for each size of model: up to 999 parts, between 1,000 and 5,000 parts, and over 5,000 parts
 Civil and Industrial Engineers — one winner
 Application Developers — one winner
 Young Professionals — three winners (up to 28 years in age)
 Viewers' Choice Awards — one winner

A special prize will be given to young designers and there will a category for alias “Young Professionals categories”. ASCON is offering prizes for this category and there contestants, who are up to 28 years old, will receive prizes.

All the contestant have to submit their projects before 9th August 2016. They have to present their work in JPEG and .cdw format to To get more updates on the Contest 2016, please send mail to

3D Modeling Contest 2016


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