An exclusive online course on 3ds Max 2018

Aaron F. Ross presents a useful online course that highlights the new and advance features of 3ds Max 2018. The newest version is more consistent and well-organized as compared to previous versions. The user interface is completely revises to make it more flexible and adjustable. This course focuses on three primary areas of 3ds Max 2018 like interface, content creation, and specifically the new rendering engine called Arnold.

You will be familiar how to shade and light scenes with Arnold and make optimal use of its settings to equalize render time and quality. The course also explains the most crucial new features which were announced in the 2017 updates like the Data Channel Modifier that pulls out and processes mesh information like curvature and the BlendedBoxMap for texture projection devoid of UV layout.

The course covers the following topics :-

• Collaboratively modifying the interface
• Handling mesh information with Data Channel
• Projecting textures with Blended Box Map
• Editing position animation with Motion Paths

• Configuring Arnold for performance and consistency
• Optimal use of render time with Arnold settings
• Lighting with Arnold
• Using a filter to an Arnold light
• Shading with the Arnold Standard Surface material

3ds Max 2018 New Features - Online Courses


An exclusive online course on 3ds Max 2018