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How 3ds Max 2022 Differs from its Predecessor

Modeling tools in 3ds Max has been enhanced to provide artists with increased performance, productivity, and creative opportunities. In addition to Smart Extrude performance improvements, new modifier improvements, and Settings Recovery tools, this update now offers a faster experience.

Features of 3ds Max 2022

Faster Smart Extrude

During its initial release, Smart Extrude included the Poly Editable modifiers.

Using Smart Extrude, artists can now perform Smart Extrude actions faster on selected polygons than ever before on their models. This new update brings significant performance improvements for Smart Extrude.

The number of polygons per action can also increase from what was previously possible. In addition to speed increases of over 20 times, Smart Extrude can refine the output by re-stitching refined geometries in the final output.

Enhanced Smooth Modifier

3ds Max can be used to bring together various source materials for final assembly as well as to create content. When applied to objects or a component selection, the Smooth modifier now clears the explicit Normal and Smoothing Group data, allowing artists to modify the data from these sources. Smooth has been enhanced so that artists can apply new data more easily.

Recover Startup Failure

3ds Max detects and repairs corrupt application settings that may cause 3ds Max to fail during startup in a similar way to Recovery Factory Settings. Upon detection of an error, users have the option of recovering their 3ds Max application settings and migrating their user-defined scripts and icons.

Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements

When working with 3ds Max modifiers, deforming meshes, performance improvements enables artists to work 2 to 4 times faster.


All-Qt-based is a faster, snappier render configuration window. Faster, more responsive rendering is now possible thanks to Quicksilver's Qt-based render settings.

The Quicksilver settings have been synced with Viewport Bloom settings as well. With the new Viewport Ambient Occlusion sampling value, you can increase or decrease the quality of ambient occlusion sampling to enhance viewport efficiency.

Factory Settings Recovery

Corrupted application settings have caused UI artifacts or performance problems. 3ds Max can quickly and easily revert to its original startup configuration.

In addition to re-initializing the application settings, Recover Factory Settings is capable of recovering isolated user-defined scripts and icons without requiring the user to access the system or installation folders.

Bake to Texture

The inclusion of render elements under a map name enables Bake to Texture to make navigation and selection of baked map types easier. In addition to utility maps, Bake to Texture now offers rounded corners and material ID maps, which used to require an extensive setup workflow before baking. Several clicks now accomplish the same result.


If you are using Presentation Mode, then you can create borderless, full-screen views of any floating Viewport.

Noise Maps Multithreading

Performance improvements for procedural material authoring have been made to the legacy Noise map.

Ignore Occluded

Edit Poly and Editable Poly modifiers in 3ds Max now have a new selection filter called Ignore Occluded. Artists can use this option only when viewing components such as polygons, edges, and edges that can select. The new filter will improve poly modeling workflows, as requested by customers of games and VFX.

Relax Modifier

The Relax modifier now includes a Volume Preserve option. The Relax algorithm performs additional calculations To lessen small details and noise in models while at the same time maintaining the overall shape and definition of the mesh. Autodesk Tools for 3ds Max can make faster by reducing the small noisy data with Relax.

Safe & Secure Environment

Whether the scripts writes in Max-script, Python, or .NET, Safe Scene Script Execution protects malicious scripts embedded in 3ds Max scene files by blocking unsafe command execution. It detects malicious scripts and removes them from scene files and startup scripts. A new malicious script is detected and reported by Autodesk every time Scene Security Tools is updated.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Eloi Andaluz Full?

Other Enhancements

Vertex color supports in FBX import. A broader set of Vertex Colors are now supported in FBX imports, giving you greater flexibility across creative applications with fewer compromises.

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How 3ds Max 2022 Differs from its Predecessor