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U.S. CAD Speakers to Present Classes at the forthcoming premier Autodesk University event 2013

Various members belong to U.S. CAD Professional Services team will conduct classes and share their technical and industry know-how on session topics covering AutoCAD, Civil 3D work points, facilities management etc. at the forthcoming premier Autodesk University event held in in Las Vegas from December 3–5, 2013. The classes will provide great advantages to the huge Autodesk worldwide users.

Go through the following lists of U.S. CAD broadcasters and their class descriptions:

Jerry Motto

Class ID: FM2275

Class Title: Partnering for BIM Lifecycle Success

Class Type: Lecture

Date: December 3 at 1:30PM

Description: The architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), and facilities professionals will be able to connect with Autodesk® Revit®-based software models to a cloud supported system for controlling space, plan maintenance, and more. This class provides the huge scopes toward AEC professionals, building owners as well as operators to collaborate with a BIM lifecycle approach to deal with facilities.

John Rodriguez and Kristin Rhein

Class ID:CI1599

Class Title: Feeling Out of Sync? Get Your BIM Coordination On!

Class Type: Lecture

Date: December 3 at 3:00PM

Description: The attendee of this class can sharpen their knowledge regarding the most updated and well-organized workflows and utilities for producing authenticate BIM coordination connecting Civil 3D and Revit software efficiently. The class will be conducted by both civil and architectural BIM experts and they focus on the most excellent methods for coordinating among Civil 3D 2014 and Revit 2014 by the new BIM Coordinator tool.

KaDe King

Class ID: AC265

Class Title: These are a Few of My Favorite Things (in AutoCAD®)!

Class Type: Lecture

Date: December 4 at 8:00AM

Description: In this class, KaDe King will present and share his professional as well as teaching experience with Autodesk AutoCAD software. Be familiar with some exclusive features and tips of the software starting from initial version to AutoCAD 2014.

U.S. CAD Speakers to Present Classes at the forthcoming premier Autodesk University event 2013

Class ID: AC2660-L

Class Title: Annotation Scaling in AutoCAD®: Bringing the Technology Home

Class Type: Hands-on Lab

Date: December 3 at 4:45PM

Description: In this class the attendees come across the application of annotation scaling and how it supports hatching, text, linetype scale, dimensions, and all of the other choices. Also learn how to apply these tools in your every day workflows.

Tom Pisani

Class ID: CI3081

Class Title: Pointing out Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Points

Class Type: Lecture

Date: December 5 at 2:30PM

Description: In this class, the attendees can undergo tips and tricks facilitating them in the working procedure with Civil 3D points by demonstrating through styles. Also gather knowledge how to handle these points with groups and examine settings while performing with the your point drawing. Get deep insigh into a Civil 3D template to for managing points through styles and settings.