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A live webinar on BIM workflow to deliver Energy Models, twice as fast without any integration errors

Jean Carriere, associated with Trailloop, will host a one hour live training on BIM for energy modeling on Wednesday the 27th of May at 12:00pm EDT.


Jean will share his recognized modeling techniques to make your BIM integration process superior. JIM recently develops a process to make the best use of BIM for exporting to energy modeling. By undergoing this training, one will be able to export your building geometry from Revit MEP as well as import it into IES VE, OpenStudio or Trace efficiently.



In this exclusive 1 hour live training, the attendees will familiar with:


  • 5 Simple Modeling Techniques for a flawless Integration.
  • BIM Project Planning for Energy Modeling.
  • Processes for adjusting accessible 3D Models for Energy Modeling Integration.


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A live webinar on BIM workflow to deliver Energy Models