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Aconex Connected BIM can manage BIM data and process for project-wide collaboration

Aconex Connected BIM is the latest product arrived in the market for worldwide construction sectors. Aconex, the most recognized solution provider in cloud collaboration platform, is the developer of Aconex Connected BIM which can deal with building information modeling (BIM)1 data and procedures for project-wide collaboration connecting design and construction teams as well as deliver to the owner.

Aconex Connected BIM results in multidimensional model management which arranges all the project stakeholders, model data and project data collectively on a single incorporated online collaboration platform through cloud. The project stakeholders ranging from designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and owners will get the ability to easily allocate, visualize, coordinate, evaluate, mark up and view model data from any web browsers and mobile gadgets directly.

Aconex Connected BIM empowers the designers for particular disciplines to generate and revise models in their indigenous authoring tools and apply simple software plug-ins to circulate them in the Aconex BIM Cloud.

With the advancement of the project from design to construction, the team members will be able to link single object in model by appropriate project documents, communications and workflows.

Besides, the owners can minimize their operating costs expected to be 75% of total asset lifecycle costs.

The Aconex platform is compatible with Open BIM, together with IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). A complete and perfect set of inter-connected project information along with the model, all of the documentation concerning each of its objects, and an audit trail are submitted to the owner for operation.

Aconex Connected BIM contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Open BIM standards
  • Protected cloud-based platform devoid of setting up any software
  • Quick preview of big sets of merged models in web browsers as well as on mobile gadgets with no specialized BIM tools or local software
  • Version control to keep away from errors based on out-of-date models
  • Real-time integration, collation and division of component models for definite disciplines
  • Shared viewpoints and mark-ups for model review, feedback and resolution
  • Interrogation of models for conflicts and coordination problems
  • Linking of formal project communications like RFIs with objects for conflict resolution and issues
  • Surrender of operation and maintenance (O&M) data inside models.

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Aconex Connected BIM can manage BIM data and process for project-wide collaboration