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List of ways by which Bim is Improving Renewable Energy Efficiency

Building Information Modeling helps in the planning and management of building construction with its new technology. BIM helps with the process of 3D designing to build more sustainable buildings. Here is a list of ways by which BIM assists in energy efficiency:

1. Modeling

BIM focuses on modeling, designing and planning. Contractors are responsible for accounting the energy impact each plan and model has.

Using this method experts can understand the different effect each design has on the environment and its surrounding.

2. Smart building

Smart building solutions must be thought of while building a structure. Renewable energy comes in various forms be it by using solar power or designing according to the sun?s path.

Other options for smart building include energy-saving products. BIM takes into account every detail during the modeling phase therefore the experts can see its impact.

3. Planning

BIM systems are all about planning. They are able to provide important information for each member of the team be it the architect or the contractors. It must be planned according to a long-term span; therefore, it must consider how the material will hold with time. With a long-term view in mind experts can make the right choice.

4. Green building

Natural lighting reduces the need for energy that is required to light artificial light. By using BIM to design a building keeping in mind the rise and set of the sun the heating and cooling need can be adjusted accordingly.

5. Collaborating

Building a structure is a collaborative work which includes the planners, designers, architects, city planners, engineers and contractors. BIM helps in facilitating better collaboration between professionals.

6. Processing

When the planning phase changes into the practical construction phase, BIM is helpful even then. BIM provides with the most energy-efficient plan. The sooner buildings are made the fewer re-planning it requires. This efficiency helps in reducing energy usage and emissions from building materials.

7. Reducing Errors

BIM planning reduces the number of errors made in a job. A mistake can cost the project as well as take more than the usual time. With an efficient plan such risks can be avoided. Resulting in builders using less energy in the job.

8. Making better maintenance

Maintenance is important as a damaged or inefficient system can waste energy which also leads to wastage of money. BIM data insights help in knowing the maintenance necessities.

9. Transparency

BIM will allow experts to provide a transparency with concrete plans and statistics. This helps in showing the builders commitment towards helping the environment.

10. Reduction of energy use

By using BIM planning greenhouse gas emission can be reduced. BIM addresses every necessary step required for a better planned and environmentally conscious building idea.

List of ways by which Bim is Improving Renewable Energy Efficiency
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