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What your BIM models may be done to your specifications?

As a result of the low quality of BIM models, manufacturers are continuously losing out on opportunities for projects on a regular basis.

Engineering professionals are actively searching for BIM files every day while determining which building products will meet their design and performance needs, and are constantly searching for these BIM files so that they can incorporate them into their projects. A complete and accurate BIM model is of vital importance to these engineers to help them build out systems in the virtual building model, which can be validated and tested through the use of these models.

Other Factors

In order to make sure that your BIM files are incorporated into one of these virtual models with the same level of accuracy, it is imperative that your BIM files have the connectors and characteristics to ensure the specs are accurate.

It can make the difference between you making it into the schedule or losing out, so it is important that your BIM files accurately match the dimensional requirements.

It is easily possible for your BIM models to become liabilities if they do not contain the necessary data to help engineers complete their validations. If this is the case, you may lose the specs for important building projects along with the cost of modifying the models.

Your design & construction customers are becoming increasingly frustrated by incomplete BIM models

The truth is that every BIM model needs to provide a Digital Customer Experience that makes an engineer's job easier. Marketing, sales, and engineering professionals believe that having a BIM model library is enough.

It is almost always possible to find accurate dimensions in BIM files, but they lack connectors that will allow the product to be integrated into a working system, even though they are contained within a virtual model. Engineers need to build flows, loads, and connection points into these models for them to be useful so that they can be built into models. You may get the required specifications but miss the bid if you do not have this performance spec metadata in your files.

Engineers quickly look for models that work when a BIM object does not behave correctly or lacks the key performance attributes, and will likely start exploring a competitor's site and BIM library when a BIM object does not behave correctly.

The Best Way to Implement A BIM Strategy That Enables Specifiers

To get and stay specified, you need to provide your customers with a better digital experience than what they are currently receiving. The first thing you need to do is to review your current models to make certain they have the right metadata - SKUs, descriptions, order codes, etc. - to make it into the building schedule or build out the list, and you also need to come up with a strategy to effectively show your prospects this data.

With the availability of a comprehensive BIM library, you will be able to gain a competitive edge immediately. It is of the utmost importance for you to provide designers with BIM-ready product data in the formats they choose, so to increase the likelihood that they will choose your products, download them, and make them part of their building project, you must give them access to your BIM-ready product data.

An example is given below of how PVF vendors' monthly downloads increased as they developed their CAD and BIM model library over three years by completing 600 product lines to build their library of CAD and BIM models.

A part by part BIM Guide

1. Data capture and lead generation can be accomplished using BIM

There should be a gated download area for BIM files and you should promote them throughout your site based on where your target accounts and users are searching for them. The contacts who download these files should be sent to your sales team for follow-up and consultative selling so that they can continue the conversation.

2. Establish a schedule for reviewing and updating your BIM Models

Make sure that you create a data maintenance plan with your team to ensure that the information about your products is complete and accurate. The BIM Model Check is a free service that you can request from Thomas at any time.

3. Make sure that your digital customer experience is as effective as possible

Identify target accounts and users, determine the appropriate file formats, and identify product data points that are important to them. As far as possible, you should make your entire relevant product catalogue available for download as BIM.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Autodesk Building Solutions

4. Organize your BIM Model library and create a review & update the schedule

Keep your products' information updated and complete with an ongoing data maintenance plan.

What your BIM models may be done to your specifications?