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CorelCAD 2016, an industry-standard cad software for global cad professionals

CorelCAD 2016 is just launched to improve your cad workflow. This newest cad program contains some exclusive & advanced features like drawing constraints functionality, improved and adjustable ribbon UI, In-Place text editing, and interactive layout and editing tools which can enhance your design productivity and performance to a great extent.

The CAD users can open, edit and distribute files in DWG format for collaborating with colleagues and suppliers easily and efficiently.

The CAD users can also enjoy superior speed as well as performance with the latest CorelDRAW? graphics support and automation capabilities compatible with Windows and Mac Platform.

The most intuitive feature is that the users can set up a command interface in their project by using the cursor in the drawing area. It's an resourceful and time-saving feature that transfers commands directly to the cursor so while passing it, the tooltips track and facilitate input of coordinate positions, lengths, angles, lines and more - when and where it is required.

CorelCAD 2016 comprises of the following exclusive features :-

  • Windows ribbon UI.
  • Drawing constraints.
  • Pop-up dimension palette
  • 2D editing tools
  • Dynamic blocks
  • In-place text editing
  • Editing for tables
  • Migration Assistance
CorelCAD 2016