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Chaos Releases Second Update for V-Ray 5 for Revit

Generally in the field of Architecture visualization capacity is very much needed so keeping in mind Chaos launched their new product “V-Ray 5 for Revit, 2nd update”.

Bringing the problem of lack of visualization comes to an end, this software basically can be a life changing innovations for Architectures and designers who want to rather need to see the results of his or her designs before finalizing his or her ideas. The user can create high definition and complex design or models. It also comes along with asset editors for any kind of immediate editing according to the demand.

New features added

1. Now, Revit user has the facility to render and replace objects from any kind of linked Pdf or documents. Intentionally Chaos has created a setting option in the linked files so without any kind of hindrances we can edit our file according to your need.

2. A new scattering tool is also being newly put into use after the new update it is basically perfect tool for building terrains or small trees. At short, small realistic details can be added or is possible with very slight effort with the help of this tool.

3. Blur effect become more versatile by the help of V-Ray Frame Buffer compositor.

Cosmos updates

1. Chaos (a leading brand in the world of graphic designers) added a new and very innovative category : Materials, which gives more than 200 new materials with covering minute details, including terrains.

2. Cosmos inbuilt materials and models are all customizable, means one designer can design according to their own requirements. Every parameters like colors, gloss, looks can be effectively change given the user freedom to create they desire.

All family related items in Cosmos are shifted into separate tab which makes it easier to access and distinguish them.

New Real time Advance features

For designers who need higher-fidelity real time, they can rely on Chaos Vantage, which can be easily accessible through a new link. Even the most complex Revit model with the help of Vintage Chaos can be fully used without any kind of extra setup.

The latest update also brought many more exciting updates

1. User can easily give a full brief preview to give a experience in real- time 3D images on their machines – no kind of license or high end software required to preview the output. Just by clicking Export, viewers can get whole compact view of the output just like you wanted to present. V-Ray vision also comes with navigation tools, color editing levels and many others.

2. Now with this update a realistic grass preset can now be added to any project to give a more realistic preview and to glorify the terrain according to our need.

3. Now with the help of IES light profiles output is likely to be more presentable as well as realistic.

4. User can now easily access Ambient light mode to give a brighter ambience according to user’s need without any heavy setup.

Other Minor Improvements

A clear optimized design and very much user friendly interface makes a lot easier comparatively, while supporting large quantities of added materials. Panorama Images can easily be accessible and can easily be exported without damaging the picture quality.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: ChaosTV

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Chaos Releases Second Update for V-Ray 5 for Revit