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JAIBOT ? drilling robot invented by HILTI

In this article we will elaborate easily about what is Jaibot, features of Jaibot, construction robot, purposes of making Jaibot step by step.

Hilti has invented a robot which is called Jaibot. This robot is semi-automated drilling technology. This type of robot arrives in standard shipping container. It also has dust collection system. This robot has storage for keeping different type of tools. The width of Jaibot is less than 3 ft. Jaibot is 5 ft tall.

Workers don't require any special training to control Jaibot in construction, electrical and plumbing work site.


1. This robot has a robotic arm placed to unit which is track based.
2. The tracked based unit can drive around the site by worker.
3. This type of robot can operate its robotic arm within a full 360? envelop.
4. It helps to increase more productivity to any installation project.
5. This type of robot helps to install execution.
6. It also keeps an eye to project progress and project status.
7. This robot uses digital plans.
8. Jaibot mark the spot for mining. It also drills holes.

9. This helpful robot helps the workers to do the rugged work.
10. It also helps the workers so that they focus on operation of the construction robot.
11. This robot has a built-in dust removal system.
12. This robot is easy to use.

Hilti designed this kind of robot to complete smoothly mechanical, plumbing, electrical interior finishing installation work. It is a cordless system. Jaibot can work for 8 hours long. This robot does not require any special skills.


1. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is overhead work.
2. It is very rugged work for human. So, this robot helps workers not to do rugged work.

3. This type of work take much time and it is also challenging.
4. It also takes care of continuous work force.
5. It is very safe to use this kind of robot.
6. By using this robot company also ensure the safety of workers.
7. It removes different type of risks. This type of robot helps to set up the whole station.


If construction company use this Jaibot then this robot increases speed and perfection of work.

1. Jaibot can use the digital information and data.
2. This type of robot uses the information to complete the work.
3. Jaibot can upload data from AutoCAD or Revit to the Hilti cloud.

4. It brings the jobfile through PLC 400 for layout applications.
5. This robot can also locate the jobsite using Hilti total station PLT 300.
6. After that Jaibot drill all holes.
7. This type of robot follows digital drilling plan.
8. The drilling process is almost error free.
9. This process is entirely digitized process.

Almost error free

a) Electrical, mechanical and plumbing work is very challenging. Work of this robot is almost error free.
b) This type of robot provides higher quality of installation.
c) By using Jaibot cost of installation process reduces.
d) This type of robot provides higher productivity than others.
e) Jaibot obey the digital plans.
f) This type of robot gives greater perfection and cleaner holes.
g) while Jaibot mark and drill the holes, users also track the current status of the work. This whole thing helps in documentation process.

At a glance

Jaibot completes the whole task based on building information modelling. It is also called as BIM. This type of robot also works in indoor perfectly. Jaibot also drills the holes. This robot makes sure that holes remain dust controlled.

generally, Jaibot is used to assist workers in work helps the work to drill overhead many holes and mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation. Workers also can navigate this type of robot. They navigate this robot via remote control.

This type of robot can drill the holes from 3/16 inch to ? inch. Jaibot mark the hole with built in spray paint function. It also uses different pattern. Jaibot is able to drill hundreds of overhead holes. While controlling the robot workers can decide about drilling process anytime.

Workers also use the digital data from robotic total station. Hilti PLT 300 is robotic total station. Jaibot frills the wholes automatically. Now shortage of skilled labour is not a headache for construction site. Jaibot also helps to increase the productivity overall.

Now construction electrical and plumbing site do the work by linking process, teams and data. Jaibot offers efficiency in any type of construction, electrical and plumbing work. Making this type of robot is a new step in the world of electrical, construction and plumbing sites.

This step is very higher step towards digitization. It is the ultimate solution to complete the construction, electrical and plumbing works.

JAIBOT ? drilling robot invented by HILTI
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