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Implementation of BIM in the Indian Construction Market & its Status

There is a great deal of reliance on the construction sector in India's economy. BIM implementation is underway in India in a number of important areas. A few good news stories are also worth noting, such as the Rapid Transit System at Amritsar, the Bangalore International Airport, and the Delhi Metro Rail.

While there is a long way to go before BIM is implemented throughout India, it will certainly be a worthwhile endeavor. It is the shortage of qualified professionals that is one of the biggest challenges in implementing BIM.

Define BIM

Known as BIM, building information modeling has revolutionized the construction industry by enabling a holistic and collaborative approach to managing information.

The BIM method uses a digital and intelligent approach to representing construction projects instead of conventional 2D representations, connecting teams with multidisciplinary data in the cloud. Through this method, a construction project can be represented in real time and up to date fashion from planning and design through construction.

Importance of BIM in Construction Field in India

Companies in the construction industry have experienced a significant increase in efficiency and productivity thanks to BIM over the past few years. There are now many opportunities for investors and BIM qualified professionals in India thanks to BIM implementation, both in public and private sectors.

BIM Application in India

The Indian construction industry faces a variety of challenges during the development of construction projects, including time delays and significant unforeseen costs.

BIM can save up to twenty percent of the project costs by reducing project time and errors. To address these problems, construction companies and specialists use the BIM methodology. Costs and time delays would be reduced by using BIM. Additionally, BIM would improve supply chain management and reduce working hours.

Implementation of BIM in India

It is possible to find examples of the implementation of BIM methodology in Indian AEC projects from important companies. It is not only India that faces obstacles to implementing BIM on a full scale.

Most relevant companies are the high costs associated with this digital transformation, the lack of BIM qualified professionals & acquiring cutting edge building software. The project managers are aware of the benefits BIM would bring to their projects. They can achieve updated building procedures in no time making their investment.

Courses & Job Opportunity in BIM

There is an increasing need for more infrastructure, educational spaces, public transportation, and social housing in the country due to a large number of inhabitants.

Furthermore, bridges, railways, and existing buildings need to be refurbished. Most construction and infrastructure work in India is being done by international firms with BIM experience. Aside from this, BIM talent can be hired by companies that support client firms.

At present, there is a great demand for BIM skilled professionals such as BIM Engineers, BIM Modelers, BIM specialists, and BIM Managers. Despite this, most public universities are still not incorporating BIM or digital construction into their programs.

BIM Companies in India

BIM Modeling companies can be found in India today. Asashir Engineering, Pinnacle Infotech, TreisTek, and the Virtual Building Studio are just a few of the BIM companies that have emerged over the last twenty years in the country. To meet India's current needs, more BIM qualified professionals and companies are needed.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: BIM Africa

Wrapping it Up

According to a 2017- 2018 Economic Survey, India will require high infrastructure investments of about 4.5 trillion dollars by 2040 to achieve the expected growth in its economy.

By 2025, India's population will surpass China's due to its high population density. The result is that more infrastructure, educational facilities, and social housing are needed.

Implementation of BIM in the Indian Construction Market & its Status