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The Naviate license with Proper Solution for Revit 2022 is now available

Making a Symetri User ID

Once you prompt to log in, you can create a new account. Symetri License portal allows the license administrator to create multiple user accounts. After installing Naviate 2022 for Revit, you will ask to log in to Revit the first time you start it. You can create an account, use one already created at, or use one your company's License administrator has created.

You will be able to access Naviate applications depending on the account you use. You will ask to start a 1-month trial once if you do not have a license assigned to your account for an installed application.

Login Solution

Naviate will remember your login information until you log out. Using Naviate won't require logging in every time. If you have not used Naviate in a long time, you may need to enter your password again on the first launch.

A valid license can be activated only through the internet. An account needs to create, login, and a license has to be purchased. The next step is to install Naviate and use it without internet access.

Naviate is not required to use Revit. You will no longer be able to use the Naviate applications you have installed. Click on the X button when asked to log in.

Naviate's Help ribbon shows that is currently logged in and allows you to log out. Each application ribbon includes a Help button.

Licensing System

Naviate applications can now be licensed based on the user, and a new License Portal is available to manage users and licenses. Symetri User IDs are the basis for Naviate 2022 licensing. The Naviate licenses purchased must be assigned to Symetri User ID accounts only. Symetri License Manager manages this.

Using Symetri's License portal, users can assign Naviate licenses if they have purchased Naviate licenses. A Symetri License Portal administrator can only do this.

You can give this access to only one person in your company or the contract administrator, or you can give it to multiple people. If you install an application, you have the option of starting a 30-day trial. Licenses can purchase for a single user, multiple users, or a trial period.

Trial License

You will prompt to start a Trial if you have installed a Naviate application for which you do not have a license. You can activate the Trial only once per computer, and it lasts for one month. As soon as the trial period begins, you will be able to access Naviate offline.

As long as you do not log out and restart Naviate, you will not ask again to start a trial when you launch Naviate.

Single User License

Single user licenses are personal licenses. Each Symetri user account has one license. As soon as it is activated, it is usable offline. There can be no need to be online for up to 1 month during the offline period. You may activate your single-user license on two computers, but they may not be used at the same time. Licenses may be deactivated on computers and activated on other computers. When you renew the license, the timeframe is updated automatically.

Multi User License

A Multi-user license allows multiple Symetri user accounts to assign to the license. There is a common pool of seats for all users of the license. When you run a Naviate tool in Naviate Accelerate or when you run a Naviate Tool in an application, a seat is taken from the pool. The Tool will not run if there are no seats available. If you log out of Naviate or end Revit or Naviate, your seat will return. A multi-user license can only be used with an Internet connection. When you renew your license, the timeframe is updated automatically.

License Portal of Symetri

Standard User

Identify the Naviate licenses associated with your account. Trial versions are available. You can deactivate a license on a computer.

License Administrator

This page lists all the licenses that the company owns. Your company can be joined by adding new users. Your company can remove users. Licenses can be assigned and unassigned to company users.

The Symetri License Portal only manages licenses for Naviate 2022. FLEXlm licensing is still used by older versions of Naviate.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Khmer Knowledge

The Naviate license with Proper Solution for Revit 2022 is now available