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Getting the most out of Revit with these apps and add-ons in 2022

Users are able to manage their work sets in Revit with the help of Revit add-ins. In this case, users are able to integrate 3D modelling software using the MagiCAD database with 3D modelling software using the add-ins.

It is also possible to export BIM models in a simple manner through Revit add-ins. Users can import product models into a Revit project by using the add-ins that can be found on the Add-ins page.

In this article, we will discuss about Revit app and add-ins that can be used with it. In the following list, we have listed the top ten Revit apps and add-ins.


'Enscape' is a real-time rendering and virtual reality-based plug-in that is available for Windows and Mac. Engineering and architecture are fields where it is used a lot. There are no complicated steps to follow in order to use this software. In addition to that, it comes at no cost for students to use.

In order to render Revit in real time, this software is very popular. It is possible to export the HTC Vive Oculus Rift VR headsets from Enscape. Though I would like to make it clear that this service is not free for everyone. There is a monthly subscription fee of $45 for Enscape and an annual subscription fee of $449 for Enscape on an annual basis. For the features that Enscape provides the price is totally very much justified.

Bonus tool of Kiwi Codes

There are a lot of users who use this tool and it is very popular among them. There are 140 apps that are included in it that can be used by anyone to save time. Upon installation, there is a trial version of the program that can be used for 21 days by the user.

It includes several apps such as ribbon settings, window watcher settings, family trackers, and 3D views for all levels of users, that you can download in the bonus tool.

It is possible to view and change the ribbon setting from the ribbon setting. There is the possibility of selecting the tools and reordering them according to the user's preferences. There is an option in the window watcher settings to block a window and display a warning window in its place.

The report path can also be changed by using this feature. The family tracker can list all the groups within the project as well as make a group for each insert and reload date that is added to the project. It is possible to create a 3D view for every level of the project with the tool 3D view for all levels. It may take some time for this to happen, however.

Coins Auto-section Box

There is an application called coins auto-section box that we recommend you use. It is a free add-in that can be installed on any computer. In order to use this add-in, the user will be able to work very quickly, and can view the model in 3D while analyzing a certain area of the model in 3D. A temporary view can also be created by the user and a permanent view can be created by the user. There are a number of features that are included in it. The Features are as follows:

1. Users of this add-in are able to work with various elements in linked files by using this add-in.
2. A new view can be created by using the option provided for this purpose.
3. The user can use the group option to group walls, members, and different line-based geometries in the application by using this option.


There is a really terrific add-on in Revit called Flux which is very useful. It is possible to easily move data between apps by using flux. In order to switch between different apps, it is very easy for users to do so. From Tekla, Flux is also able to track the location of columns in Revit that are imported from Tekla.

A surface panel layout can also be taken from the grasshopper to Revit using Flux. The evaluation version of the flux add-in is free of cost. Despite the fact that Flux's pro version is not free. It costs $60 per month to subscribe to Flux on an annual basis.

Xrev Transmit

The app in Revit increases the quality of work and efficiency of the user as well as saves them money. In addition to increasing productivity, this tool is also very easy to use.

It also allows the user to manage the settings centrally in order to manage the settings of the tool. A PDF previewer is also included, as well as automatic file naming, and predefined output locations. It is very easy to install and use for users.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Integrated BIM

Palladio X BIM

The use of this feature allows users to quickly manage all the Revit windows that are open at any given time. In Revit, the tool allows users to arrange and manage all of the windows that are open at the same time within Revit. The app is free of charge.

RTV Xporter Pro

This app has a similar interface to the app named Xref Transmit. The purpose of this tool is to help users export and print data from Revit. The cost of this service is not free of charge. This tool is available for a subscription rate of $ 49 per year.

Getting the most out of Revit with these apps and add-ons in 2022