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Some top-notch BIM and Design Software Lists in 2016

In recent times lots of high-tech softwares were launched for developing homes. Given below the detailed lists of BIM and design softwares in 2016.

BIM for Small-Scale Projects

ARCHICAD 19 Solo: Graphisoft develops ARCHICAD 19 Solo, a BIM software solution specifically created for homebuilders to fulfill their requirements.

It includes some handy tools like a filter to make out whether any reformation or construction is taking place. Besides, identify schedules for bills of materials and quantity and material takeoffs.

GRAPHISOFT's software also integrates comparatively a new tool known as BIMx. It is a 3D presentation app for individual homebuilders to expose custom residential homes.

SoftPlan: SoftPlan applies smart objects to generate a model through self-identifying components.

It is also used to form construction documents and bills of material simultaneously through the creative ideas of the users. It generates a consumer-level BIM model as soon as you start your sketching.

SoftPlan now provides a subscription add-on, SoftPlan+, to support cloud base platform.

Chief Architect: Similar to SoftPlan, Chief Architect belongs a consumer-level CAD/BIM software that offers information like a 3D model, bill of materials and several construction documents while you are going to draw and assign smart objects. There is also an individual product to simplify the kitchen, bath and interior design.

The most updated version is X8 and it is still in beta stage. The full commercial version will be available soon for existing users.

StrucSoft Solutions' MWF: Canada based structural software developer StrucSoft Solutions recently introduced Metal Wood Framer (MWF) add-on for Revit. MWF creates wood and cold-formed steel framing inside a 3D Revit project to facilitate construction process.

The add-on also can produce dimensioned 2D shop drawings and CNC output to simplify the process for developing framing schemes.

Home Information Management

FreshBrix: FreshBrix belongs to an information management app that allows a two-way workflow among home builders and homebuyers at all phases of construction. It allows builders to get buyers on guided virtual tours prior to construction, offers updates for buyers, supervisors and sales throughout the build and accomodates a database of home contents with the FreshBrix home product library once the construction is completed. This database consists of photos, specifications, manuals, warranty details and other specifics like repair history and maintenance reminders.

BIM and VR

Lowe's Holoroom: This software follows basic BIM standards to transform a room model to Oculus Rift, the virtual reality (VR) visualization tech. The Holoroom integrates real products to facilitate users for creating the design of a room and then ports this model to Google Cardboard to make co-operation with a contractor.

The most updated version of Marxent Lab's VisualCommerce system demonstrates the value of microscopic BIM models to both the industry and the professionals.

Virtual Studio for Envisioneer: Cadsoft develops new VR application for Envisioneer software. Now, Envisioneer users will be able to get into a simulated environment as well as virtually see the end result of a design prior to development of the actual construction in reality. The software provides an option for users to get into headset mode and move about a design in VR. This option is in-built with the software to help users for toggling smoothly from 2D to 3D to VR mode inside a design.

Cadsoft's VR technology makes use of an Oculus Rift headset. Users operate the controls within the software through an Xbox 360 game controller. They can walk through a design and obtain an exact picture of the space, implement various design options and use all of their senses.

Some top-notch BIM and Design Software Lists in 2016