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The first planning decision, that is, whether to opt for a wired or wireless alarm system, will very much depend on the ability or otherwise, to easily cover, or hide any required cables. You may find the thought of white (or brown) cable trunking does not fit in with your newly decorated rooms etc. However, if you need to redecorate several rooms, or are going from emulsion to wallpaper, then those rooms where you need to run cables might lend themselves readily to a bit of drilling and channelling of cables.

Remember, it is also easy to run the thin alarm cables down the door-frames, and you can cover them with moulding. SEE TIPS ON THIS LATER. The quarter circle wood strips can also have the inner corner planed off to make room for the cable underneath (TIP: you will NOT have room for cable clips behind a planed moulding, so you will have to fix the cable in place with a few dabs of super-glue or similar, then use thin panel pins to nail the moulding on to the door surround, taking care to avoid going through your cable!). At floor level, it will be best to run the cables under the floor-boards if you can. If not, you can then run the cable to the alarm control panel by making a small gap between the carpet underlay, and the INSIDE edge of the carpet gripper rod (take care to tape it so it does not move on to the top of the grippers otherwise it can get damaged), or in trunking as a last resort. If the thought of any of this cable-laying, and channelling puts you off, or you do not want to redecorate any re-plastered areas, then you will have to consider a WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM. These can work out about 25-45% dearer than the wired equivalent, but the modern bell-boxes with SOLAR PANELS to keep the SAB battery charged up is a good idea.

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