Sound equipment installation

The following is a how to for setting up your home theater surround sound speaker system for a soul-shattering effect. The article is set up specifically for optimizing your living room, den or entertainment room and does not deal with specific installation.

  • Place the left and right front speakers in an equilateral triangle with your viewing seat, closer to the viewing seat than the television is, unless you have no center channel speaker. Toe in (angle) the left and right front speakers up to 30 degrees so that most sound seems to be coming from the television.
  • If you don't have a center channel speaker, place the front speakers next to the television.
  • Place the center channel speaker close to the television - on top or in the same cabinet if possible.
  • Set up the subwoofer anywhere you have room.
  • Set up the rear speakers behind and to the sides of the viewing seat. Place them higher than the front speakers.
  • Aim the rear speakers at each other.
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