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The latest version of V-Ray 5 for Revit includes Real-time Rendering

BIM workflows can now enhance with photorealistic and real-time renderings with the introduction of V-ray 5 for Revit. V-Ray's final rendering engine helps users to achieve full photorealism by providing them with a real-time view of their daily Revit work. In addition to its powerful 3D content library designed specifically for architecture, V-Ray 5 for Revit also comes with Chaos Cosmos.

In addition to improved accuracy across the board, V-ray 5 is more accurate when the sun is near the horizon, just before sunrise, and right after sunset. A new automatic fix for repeating textures allows for subtle variations in textures and materials. Reflections add on polished or lacquered surfaces without blending materials. V-Ray and native Revit materials can now both use displacement.

A Brief History of Chaos

Chaos, founded in 1997, has offices in Sofia, Prague, Seoul, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. In a wide range of industries, the Chaos group produces photorealistic imagery and animation, allowing artists and designers to express themselves. In addition to developing 3D rendering and simulation software, Chaos also supports advertising agencies, graphic design firms, and companies making visual effects.

As a result of its role in promoting the mainstream adoption of ray-traced rendering in motion pictures in 2017, the company's physical-based rendering software, V-Ray, was honored with an Academy Award. Innovations in cloud rendering, ray tracing, and real-time visualization are revolutionizing how users communicate design.

New Features of V-Ray

Real Time Visualization

A virtual reality viewer that works in real-time can display high-quality representations of Revit models as architects work on them. With V-Ray Vision, users can visualize their new ideas and gather customer feedback quickly, throughout the entire project.

Easy Entourage

A free model library and HDRI collection include the Chaos Cosmos package, which means populating environments is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The highly curated library includes furniture, trees, cars, and people, which are commonly used in architecture to make visualization easy.

As assets create in Cosmos, families, and categories are automatically created in Revit. An enlarged version of the fully detailed object will always be available at render time, despite the viewport showing only a light object version to provide faster feedback. A project can now be contextualized and made more realistic regardless of whether an architect explores it in real-time or prepares it for a presentation.

Rendering Upgrade

Adding a personal touch to any rendering has never been easier with V-Ray 5's redesigned Frame Buffer. It allows users to change the color and brightness of any light interactively without re-rendering, thereby enabling users to create multiple lighting scenarios using just one render.

By using global contour controls and material overrides, Line Renderings add a graphical look to renders. It is also possible to adjust color balance, exposure, and color correction of images with the software rather than using external editing tools. It is possible to create and save custom presets using a Layer Compositor, in addition to layer rendering layers.


Upgrades are available for 395 dollars, with a perpetual license for 790 dollars. There is a year-round fee of 350 dollars or an annual fee of 60 dollars for term licensing. V-Ray Collection includes V-Ray 5 for Revit as well. Six hundred ninety-nine dollars a year gives users access to 15 Chaos products and services.

Final Thoughts

Chaos Cosmos is a curated 3D content library from V-ray that brings essential entourage to share your vision engagingly. During any stage of rendering with any interior or exterior with carefully selected assets, such as people, vehicles, plants, furniture, and accessories.

Assets in Cosmos can be viewed through any viewport and can be placed anywhere in your scene. You cannot spend any time on geometry optimization or material setup. As always, Cosmos assets generate high-quality results and are render-ready.

To get online demonstration, watch the following video tutorial.

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The latest version of V-Ray 5 for Revit includes Real-time Rendering