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Building Information Modeling - An exclusive e-book by Stephen Emmitt, University of Bath

Stephen Emmitt, associated with the University of Bath, has presented an exclusive e-book on BIM. This book on BIM will be very useful for the beginner as well as advanced users of BIM.


Stephen Emmitt has explained the basic concept of BIM, highlights latest improvement with BIM, looks at issues, and foresees potential opportunities thorough this book.

The application of BIM in building industry is increasing at a rapid rate. The information derived from BIM can be utilized for other applications like forecasting energy consumption, cost, scheduling, conflicts amid systems as well as leveraged for facilities management. The complete set of software hypothetically can automate the virtual building description for specialized purposes.

The book highlights on some crucial roles of BIM in outlining the professional offices and project delivery procedures. The book is compared as a professional design guide catering to architects, engineers, and contractors and students with reference to the standards and specific usages of BIM.


The book is separated into two parts- Fundamentals and Application. In fundamental part, the readers can get acquainted with various terms, analyze issues and envisages future scopes of BIM. Some leading aspects of BIM are highlighted which range from parametric concepts, the functions of BIM for various stakeholders, the solo model against federated models, the BIM implementation plan, and what is on the computing horizon. This chapter is again segregated into five chapters like BIM Overview, Stakeholders and BIM's Many Roles, Data Exchange and Interoperability, BIM Implementation, and Beyond fundamental BIM.

The application part comes up with various project case studies, some particular instances of how BIM is perfectly being put into practice & effectively incorporated into four offices. These offices offer vignettes on definite buildings that demonstrate successes and missed opportunities and provide guidance to other professionals. The four case studies are as follow:-


  • designLAB Architects: Small BIM tames big Brutalism.
  • ZGF: BIM in transition - making the leap at a large firm.
  • CASE: Building information coordinators.
  • Mortenson Construction: Outstanding project success through collaboration.


The book contains 312 pages and the prospective readers can obtain a kindle version from at a price of $28.66 (actual price $110).


Building Information Modeling - An exclusive e-book by Stephen Emmitt, University of Bath