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BIM Management Handbook - A good resource for BIM professionals

David Shepherd has published a useful hand book "BIM Management Handbook" for BIM professionals. This BIM book will facilitate the BIM users to employ & control BIM workflows efficiently with superior authority.


The book totally focuses on the standard BIM practices and why BIM implementation is very much required to provide huge benefits for industry professionals. There are standard BIM processes which involve Government standards and the successful coordination of design, construction and asset information.


Highlighting both organisational approach and daily practical tasks, the book probes into bottom line business reasoning and probable risks and challenges.


Some other crucial features:


  • Case studies illustrating practical approaches together with obstacles and outcomes.
  • Checklists for amply sourcing BIM roles and liabilities concerning PAS-1192.
  • Self-check questions facilitating the users for the assessment of your BIM implementation strategy.

This BIM book will provide practical guidance toward BIM Coordinators and Managers, architectural principals, design team leaders and architectural technicians and make sure that they fully prepared to adopt BIM in 2016.


The book will also be very useful for Part 3 students to sharpen their skills concerning proper BIM strategy and BIM adoption.

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BIM Management Handbook