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Learn how to use Revit for designing home plans

Brian Myers, the renowned professional trainer and Senior Applications Engineer (AEC), is conducting a exclusive course on how to design home plans through Revit. This course is specifically designed for advanced Revit users.


By attending this online course, one can learn the detailed procedures in Revit essential for modeling and design documentation concerning a single-story home. Learn how to generate plans for a ranch-style home as well as create levels.


After that familiar with how to include a foundation and roof, walls, doors and windows, columns and beams, and other details like countertops, lighting, and utilities. After completing the course successfully, the designers will be able to easily create a model of a house as well as produce camera views and numerous sheets in the design documentation set together with sections, details, and schedules.


The following topics are covered in this Revit course :-


  • Setting up the project.
  • Formation of walls.
  • Modeling the foundation.
  • Affixing doors and windows.
  • Generating floors, slabs, and porches.
  • Positioning columns and beams.
  • Designing a roof.
  • Developing kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Placing utilities.
  • Placing utilities.
  • Generating interior and exterior elevations.
  • Generating standard and 3D views.
  • Creating and printing sheets.


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Learn how to use Revit for designing home plans