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Digital Tutors offers an exclusive training course on Revit 2015 to deal with trusses

Digital Tutors is offering an informative course for Revit professionals to unlock the full potential of Revit 2015 software.


This Revit tutorial is specifically designed to learn on how to perform with trusses in different ways. Initially, one will learn the fundamentals of Revit and gradually walk around the processes for drawing as well as maneuvering truss families accessible in Revit family library. Later on, one will gather knowledge on fine-tuning various parameters like truss height, structural members, panel width and even the rotation angle for each member.


One will learn on how to produce a simple, static truss family type in the structural truss family template. Afterwards, be familiar with sketching top and bottom chords with web members. There will be also presentation on how to set up your truss in order to load it into the project atmosphere correctly.


After being well versed with the simple truss family, one will then learn how to deal with constraints and formulas for generating a parametric truss that can be manipulated and flex.


After completing this Revit training, one will be able to deal with truss families, as well as utilize parametric modeling methods to generate customizable trusses to be applied in future projects as well.

Course Lessons:-


  • Modeling-Trusses-in-Revit.htm
  • Working with existing truss families
  • Adjusting parameters in truss families
  • Creating a simple truss family from scratch
  • Creating a parametric truss family
  • Using array to create and place panels


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Digital Tutors offers an exclusive training course on Revit 2015 to deal with trusses
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