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Re-use your CAD : The CAD Model Based Handbook - an ebook On CAD

Jennifer Herron, the owner of Action Engineering and an expert in multiple CAD packages, has written an exclusive handbook alias "Re-use your cad ! The Cad Model Based Handbook".


The CAD professionals will be familiar with various model based standards useful for producing, delivering and reprocessing CAD models. The book comes up with CAD format agnostic methods compatible with ASME Y14.41 and Government MIL-STD-31000A Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Technical Data Packages (TDP).


This cad handbook offers 3D model set of rules facilitating Model-Based Engineering and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) to make a huge savings in time as well as minimizing risks and enhancing products.


The CAD Designers, Checkers, Administrators, Super-users and their Managers can learn the process for generating 3D models to be applied in downstream for direct manufacture, technical publications and customer deliverables.


Besides, the book also covers best method for part and assembling modeling as well as mass property implementation practice, 3D Model Data Exchange (DEX) Methods, product data management.


Apply Kindle, Nook or iPad HERE. For having paper books, purchase the paper copy HERE.




The CAD Model Based Handbook