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How to make your BIM modeling practice superior - Some useful tips

For better planning and financial management of a construction project, one should know how to apply BIM models and maintain the best modeling practices. In order to maintain that one should pursue the following important rules.


Keep same coordinate system, gridlines and reference points in all models: While accumulating models from various disciplines for conflict resolution as well as arranging 4D (time) and 5D (cost) analysis, the proper care should be taken that all the models are properly positioned in the same place. So the significant time will be saved for coordinating the location of the models.


BIM objects should be utilized for their purpose: BIM models include objects that symbolize building components. The objects should applied according to their purpose. As for instance door objects should be utilized for doors only and these should not be used for structures or furniture. It will facilitate the application of BIM models for quantity data.


Avoid overlap of objects: Overlapping objects are calculated two times which lead to inaccurate quantities or sizes and result in hindrances, reworking, waste and augmenting CO2 releases. It affects concrete elements while overlapping in joints. So the possibility of mismatching may occur at the construction site.


Avoid replicate of objects for the similar usage: Objects having same functions should belong to the same type. For ample object type, selection of quantities becomes easier and perfect.


The identification of object should be reliable: Use a standard for the identification of objects. The objects should have been named every time and if possible with a classification code like SfB. This facilitates to make an overview with a understandable and explicit application of the objects in the BIM model.


Drawings are repossessed from the model: Drawings must be recovered from the model. 2D models contain so many details but these 2D drawings should contradict the 3D model. As for instance, a door may not exist that can be viewed on a 2D drawing.


Besides, the objects should not be sliced in order that their visual size gets minimized as compared to the dimensions of the objects. Accurate models facilitate to base quantity data, scheduling and financial management on the models.


Models have properties: Many properties can be assigned to the models, and we want to be involved in agreeing which ones are necessary. In addition to the geometric properties, the models must contain specifications regarding materials, acoustic properties and fire resistance.


How to make your BIM modeling practice superior