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Revit 2015 MEP - Calculations and Performance


When Revit 2015 Update unleash third version, it offered a brand new MEP setting became offered for Pipe and Duct Systems referred to as Performance Mode. If you examine the kind of properties of a Piping system (or Duct) you will find this extra setting.


Revit 2015 MEP - Calculations and Performance
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The help documentation offers this table to interrupt down those system classification calculations are created available to USA and that are ready to benefit of this new Performance selection.


This means to boost performance once working/editing massive MEP system networks. For every system kind we decide to assign this Performance setting to, Revit's system propagation is disabled on each system assigned thereto system kind. The Calculations parameter is enclosed in schedules, which may create it easier to toggle on and off.


At first look it does not appear a lot of totally different from selecting None as a result of to revive system propagation we've to vary the setting back to use a calculation methodology, aside from Performance or None. My initial expectation was that none would pack up calculations entirely and Performance would allow therefore me calculations however do so in an exceedingly method that may improve my expertise or perception of performance, Revit's responsiveness as I work.


As I've learned from the developers, despite carrying a reputation that {means|that implies} to me otherwise, beneath the hood, mistreatment none of them doesn't tell Revit to utterly ignore everything associated with the connected network. This new Performance setting will enable Revit to utterly ignore any system (as so much as calculation propagation is concerned) that's assigned to the Performance setting.

As I perceive them, the 2 decisions area unit a trade off between accretive slower performance for every and each model (our) interaction (by selecting None) or having a faster response (from Revit) for every model interaction, selecting instead to endure a extended wait once turning back on calculations (using Performance). Maybe during a} future unleash we'll simply see none of them eliminated or replaced by Performance? At the very least i feel the naming may be a bit deceptive.



An aspect result of mistreatment this setting is that duct/pipe filler and also the System Inspector won't work on systems that area unit assigned thereto either.


READ the Help Documentation HERE


Revit 2015 MEP - Calculations and Performance
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Author: Steve