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Wall sheathing is an exterior wall covering that adds structural strength and serves as a vapor barrier. It is positioned between the siding or veneer and the framing of a wall. Sheathing can be made of a layer wood-based panel, foil-covered foam panel, house wrap or a combination of these. The combination of materials, or sheathing system, is determined by the common weather conditions at the construction site.

Proprietary sheathing systems use other materials and can come as 2- by 4-foot panels. There are specific manufacturer's instructions that come with these sheathing systems and must be adhered to. This will ensure the best sheathing protection and uphold the warranty.

Even on a clear day, atmospheric moisture vapor will penetrate the exterior of a home to some degree, including siding and brick veneer. Siding and veneer prevent water droplet penetration. Wall sheathing prevents water vapor and droplet penetration into the interior of the building. Wall sheathing is the second line of defense, behind siding or veneers.

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