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New policy to increase use of BIM in SMEs

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology has already been used in several constructions across the world and it has already proved its worth in construction. Now UK government has geared up to implement this technology in building across UK to make buildings better. Recently an update has arrived regarding this saying that a new initiative, to be known as BIM4SME has been drafted for small and medium enterprises in Yorkshire and Humber in UK, to make a way of using BIM technology more extensively.

This initiative has been suggested with the consultation of representatives from SMEs in this regions. These SMEs are big players in the construction, property and engineering sectors and they have already adopted the technology. Hence they will offer support to other smaller businesses that want to explore the options available to them through BIM. This initiative awaits official launch at an event in Sheffield next month.

The draft of this initiative BIM4SMEs was made earlier this year to go in the line with increasing use of 3D modeling technology for building and construction management.

New policy to increase use of BIM in SMEs

The new Government legislation to make the use of BIM mandatory in all public sector construction projects by 2016 has simply compelled the concerned authorities to set up this kind of program as without having the efforts from now, it will become impossible to implement the Government legislation.

Tim Platts, the chairman of the group, was quoted as saying, “I’m looking forward to explaining more about BIM4SMEs to Yorkshire and Humber-based firms and how we can help support them; For many which have started using BIM technology, this may mean developing their understanding and providing access to networks; for those that have yet to begin, then the aim will be to provide an awareness and appreciation of BIM, and an understanding of why it is so important”.