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BIM and quality assurance solution, Quality of BIM, Quality of BIM deliverables

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structural concrete

We can easily extract HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing 2D drawings of high quality from the 3D Model. BIM such as high quality documents with plans, section, elevation and schemes fully coordinated.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is an integral part of how we provide superior service to our clients. Building Information Modeling on every project in order to provide the highest quality designs. The advanced technology allows for the creation of a virtual digital model of your project through all stages of the design process and can simulate real world performance - streamlining workflow, increasing productivity and improving quality. It provides the user with the ability to create a database of statistical information about the building to be used for cost estimation and budget control, building systems coordination, and even systems fabrication.

High-quality, need-specific, and re-usable BIM content will be an enabling factor for successful BIM-based projects and the use of BIM downstream of design. However, developing and managing objects introduces new challenges for design firms because of the need to represent 3D geometry and encode other kinds of information. The cost and resources needed to develop objects can detract from designing and delivering buildings, which is the core focus of an architectural firm.

BIM can even be used to assist in the Certification process by performing energy analysis and tracking LEED points. Incorporating Building Information Modeling into our projects allows for better design visualization, better coordination, access to detailed statistical information, fewer change orders, and ultimately a better quality project at a lower cost.